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Katie Blomberg

NationalPTI Personal Trainer

Hi. My name is Katie Blomberg and I am an NationalPTI Personal Trainer and the proud owner of her Elevated, located in midtown Sacramento, California. I spend my time and energy on my passion of helping other women feel the way I feel about myself — ELEVATED — mentally, physically, and nutritionally. My belief is simple - you have one life and you should live it feeling the best version of YOU. Being in a state of elevation is defined individually and therefore achievement is not based on one particular path, it’s based on a state of being by that individual and that’s what makes it so special.

Two main themes reside at her Elevated -
  1. It shall not look like a gym and it shall be shared with others
  2. I only train women and we will not focus on body numbers.

It was important for me to create a space that is peaceful, full of natural light and to be comfortable and inviting. I have plants, a lounge area, art and candles. The ambiance reflects tropics and natural - just how I want to be. Since it’s not just a gym (there is a separate area full of equipment), I am able to share and rent the space to other instructors or individuals who like to share their specialties via fitness classes, workshops, seminars, etc. One of my favorite monthly renters is hosted by a yoga instructor who puts together Women’s Empowerment Circles - a studio full of women coming together to share, yoga, journal and learn.

At her Elevated, I focus on women of all ages through one on one personal training and group fitness. I tend to get the ladies who are not the box gym type, the kind that aren’t really sure what to do at a gym or have never worked out a day in their life. I like the introverts, the ladies that are slowly evolving and need that extra push and the ladies that need someone to believe in them so they can finally see and experience that it’s okay to believe in themselves. I see her Elevated as a launch pad into their individualistic greatness and I am leading them on a journey to break the barrier that’s been holding them back.

Most importantly, and I think a large variable that sets me apart from other trainers, is that I don’t focus on numbers (weight/skin-folds, PRs) with my ladies. I track progress through increase in strength, or the increase in endurance of a movement, or, most importantly, how their clothes fit, where muscle lines slowly start to appear, and, overall, how they feel. My strength and cardio training (along with nutrition) is the foundation of their lifestyle and what we create in the studio is not only applied physically, but also mentally.

My largest success stories have to do with weight loss. One client has lost over one hundred pounds and the other, fifty pounds. As mentioned above, it’s not about the numbers loss, it’s about what these women have gained. They are stronger than they’ve ever been before, they like who they are, they are the healthiest they’ve ever been (no disordered eating, no quick fixes), they have altered areas of their life that were unhealthy (romantic relationships, food relationships, priorities in life), they have created, established and maintained healthier perspectives on fitness and nutrition and, as a result, found an Elevated version of themselves. And for all of the above, that is why I do what I do.

I owe much of my personal training credit to NationalPTI as the program provided a beautiful foundation into functional fitness and nutrition. Through the hands-on training, class-room style instruction, and support of the NationalPTI staff, I received a well-rounded education and the confidence to put my best knowledge and feet forward as a personal trainer…and what I also like to say, Confidence Creator. I struggled with reading a personal training book and then applying it to a test. I needed the instruction and hands-on learning in-order for me to get a better grasp of what I was trying to comprehend and that is exactly what NationalPTI provided for me. So thankful for the program and creating the trainer that I am now. Without NationalPTI I would be on a completely different path, or quite possibly even in a different industry.

The most wonderful aspect of her Elevated is not only the beautiful (shared) space, but also the women who walk through the doors, evolving individually and evolving together. These women start to know each other through me, in passing or during a group fitness class. It’s a community and it’s based on health, fitness, wellness and Elevating together. Thank you NationalPTI for launching me into my greatness, you were the Elevating factor I needed to Elevate others!

Glenn Moak

retired from a multi-location auto repair and tire business

My name is Glenn Moak, and I am sixty years old and successfully retired from a multi-location auto repair and tire business that I handed off to my son. Being in fitness all my life I decided to go to school and really learn the right way. After graduating from the National Personal Training Institute, I decided to open a personal training gym in Northbrook, IL. At first my goal was just to deal with people my age. I felt they could better connect with someone their own age and the fear of getting hurt would be lessened. After spending a lot of time with the other classmates, who are younger than my kids, I bonded with three of them. I created an opportunity, with the help of the NationalPTI Staff, to bring us all together. My business, A Body with HEART, ONLY employs National Personal Training Institute graduates!

Check them out: A Body with HEART

Chris B.

U.S. Marine

My name is Chris B. and I am a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute of Virginia. I have been passionate about fitness my entire life. While I was serving our country as a U.S. Marine I competed as a powerlifter. I decided to get an education through the NationalPTI and took that passion to the next level. I have been working as a personal trainer in the Washington DC area. Subsequently, opening my very own studio in 2015. I have found great success in changing many lives. The photos provided are a couple of clients who embarked on their powerlifting journey under my tutelage. They have been excelling in their perspective weight class, and I couldn’t be more proud. Outside of training powerlifters I work with many individuals who have the goal of weight loss. The tri-photo collage is a client excited about her weight loss progress.

Thad McLaurin


As a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute of North Carolina I was able to obtain a great education that gave me the confidence to open RunnerDude's Fitness, a running coaching and personal/group fitness studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. Three years ago, after graduating, we started a 2-month free event here in Greensboro, called RunTheBoro.

I wanted to provide something for the community that would be open and available to everyone getting them active as well as learning about their city-Greensboro. The event consists of nine group runs taking place each Saturday during May and June. Over the course of the nine runs, runners explore downtown Greensboro and over 25 surrounding neighborhoods as well as five of Greensboro’s greenways. The week prior to each run, participants learn historical information about the upcoming run area through the RunTheBoro Newsletter and the RunTheBoro Group Runs Facebook page. Anyone can participate! Two distances of 5-6 and 9-10-miles are offered. Over 50 Pace Guide Leaders lead pace groups from walkers all the way to speedy 7:30-min pace runners.

RunTheBoro has grown each year. In 2018 it experienced huge growth where we averaged 275 runners per run for the 9 weeks and we had over 337 runners participate in the last run event. Over 600 unique runners participated in the event in 2018.

One runner described it as a "Field Trip for Runners." We have had so many participants tell us, "I never knew that about our city." "I never knew that was there." "I've learned so much about our city." "I started with the walking group on the shorter route and by the end of RunTheBoro, I was running the entire route!" "This has helped me increase my distance. I've never run past 5 miles before and by then end of RunTheboro I was running 10 miles!" "This has introduced me to a whole new world of running and fitness." Can't wait to see what 2019 brings for RunTheBoro! Another participants shared that "It's like 9 races for free without all the pressure!”

Again, I am thankful to the National Personal Training Institute for providing a foundation of education and confidence that lead me into creating something that has not only changed lives, but the vibe of the city.

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