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Letter from director

Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute. We know that you have many choices when deciding who to go through to become a Personal Trainer. The mere fact that you have found our site and are reading this letter says that you value education, relationship, practical experiences, and aren't just interested in taking a test and pumping iron, but want to be qualified as an educated Fitness Professional in an industry filled with people who haven't taken the time to create a foundation that will catapult their career and separate them from the rest of the pack.

We look forward to sharing our program with you. It takes real-world situations and makes them meaningful and relatable so your learning becomes a part of who you are, and not just memorization of facts.

We have instructors standing by to mentor you through this journey from start to finish and for years beyond your graduation.

Join us in raising the bar in the Fitness Industry and become a part of our Global Community.

In Health,

Gene McIlvaine

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