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Goals: Map Out Your Race Strategy


Mapping out our strategy is not as easy as just saying, “Hey! This is my goal, so let’s just upload that stimulus!” And voila! Goals will vary from person-to-person, from sport-to-sport, and race-to-race changing throughout life. Take time to digest what that goal truly is.

Regardless of your goal, my favorite advice is to create a huge foundation if time permits. Think of building the world’s largest skyscraper. You can imagine how much cement and steel are used to fix that scraper soundly to the ground. However, before the cement trucks come pouring the foundation, the excavators do their job. They level the ground.

We sometimes need to decompress our day-to-day, our injuries, our over-training. We need to flatten out the bumps and bruises before we lay down our foundation as well. Then, once we have a solid foundation we can turn the corner and start raising the roof on this skyscraper. We want to do it right. We want to be patient. We want to have direction and a plan.

I like to start at the finish of the previous season. Let’s say we just finished our state championships and we have 9 months until the season starts back up again. We have 9 months to unwind the dysfunction of the previous season, build an even larger foundation, turn the corner, and peak at a higher potential this coming season.

In general, I like to think of building an equilateral triangle. You begin with creating a clean flat surface (decompression/unwinding) in the post season. Then you create the base (foundation/potential) in the offseason. Then you turn the corner (advancement) in the preseason. Then you either maintain or continue to charge forward in the in-season. Then you ultimately peak into the championships. This doesn’t change whether you are a senior looking to navigate efficiently through your later years of life, you are a youth athlete, a mama of two recovering from your second birth, or you are a professional track and field athlete.

All of us should live our lives as though we are moving through seasons of a sport.

This ensures that we do not over train and become stagnant, plateaued or injured. It ensures we are realistic. It ensures we create a solid foundation before we try and build on performance.

For more information go to and check out our Foundations: Movement and Biomechanics Course. We promise a fun and mind-blowing ride. By the end you will have a resounding advantage in guiding your clients to sustainability, success and performance beyond their wildest

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