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Letter from director

Welcome to the National Personal Training Institute Illinois. We know that you have many choices when deciding who to go through to become a Personal Trainer. You have found the only course out there that offers a hands-on practical exam with a private instructor. This is unlike other certifications that offer you an exam in a testing center. We believe that you can not become a Personal Trainer without hands-on experience. This is what sets us apart! Your journey with the NationalPTI is filled with real-world application and relatability that sets you up instantly for success with your clients.

The mere fact that you have found our site and are reading this letter says that you value education, relationship, practical experiences, and aren't just interested in taking a test, but want to be qualified as an educated Fitness Professional and separate yourself from the rest of the pack

Join us in raising the bar in the Fitness Industry and become a part of our Global Community.

In Health,

Gene Mcllvaine

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